Know How to Repair Split WinRAR Archive

RAR is an archive file format which supports data compression, error recovery and file spanning. RAR is one of the most widely used utility to compress large sized files and split large file into several smaller files. Usually, large RAR file can be split into several smaller files and hence creating “Multi-volume Archive”. Suppose you have four splits of a RAR archive, then it is possible to extract data from all the volume sets if and only if all the four volumes are not damaged or lost. Even if one volume gets corrupt or one volume gets deleted then, you can’t extract data from the remaining three volumes of RAR Archive. While doing unwanted files deletion operation on your system, you might end up with accidental deletion of one volume of RAR archive. In such a case, you can’t read or extract data from the other three volumes of RAR archive. This will lead you to worry and become upset.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Stop worrying and no need to become upset as there are many tools are available to repair your corrupted split RAR archive. The most promising software to repair split RAR Archive is WinRAR Repair tool. This software is such an amazing tool that it takes only few seconds to efficiently repair corrupted split RAR archive. In few easy steps you can fix corrupted split RAR archive and all you have to do is just launch the trial version of WinRAR Repair tool on your system and run the application. It scans your split RAR archive file and repairs it very quickly with the help of few couple of mouse clicks. It provides you the option known as “Preview” with which you can view repaired RAR archive before to restoration of repaired RAR archive. But, unless you purchase the licensed version of WinRAR Repair tool, you can’t be able to use repaired RAR archive. Now, let us know all the various factors which cause your split RAR archive corrupt.

Major factors which cause corruption to the split RAR archive:

  • Any sort of interruption such as sudden power failure, improper system shut down, low network connectivity etc. while splitting the RAR archive will cause damage to your RAR archive
  • Sometimes, while splitting your RAR archive file if any damage occurs to any single file of RAR archive then the whole RAR file become unreadable and not extractable
  • Using improper compression method and unreliable tool to extract files from split RAR archive will damage your RAR archive
  • Most of the times your split RAR archive files get corrupt because of dreaded virus and malware attack to it
  • While splitting RAR archive, sometimes you might encounter error such as CRC error, abrupt system shut down and power surge will lead to the corruption of RAR archive

In order to overcome above told scenarios you should not use untrusted tool to extract data from RAR archive and to compress RAR files. In all the above said scenarios you can implement WinRAR Repair software to fix your corrupted RAR archive file and. It is such an unbelievable tool that it can perform repairing split RAR archives efficiently and effortlessly irrespective of the reason behind its corruption. It is equipped with strong algorithms which helps in scanning your corrupted RAR archives and fixing the issues with it. WinRAR Repair software comes out with striking features.

Striking features of WinRAR Repair tool:

WinRAR Repair software is capable of repairing corrupted split RAR archive on all the versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista and many more. It supports on NTFS, ExFAT, FAT16 and Fat32 formatted hard drives. It can perform Rar archive repair on different types of hard drives such as SCSI, IDE, PATA and SATA. WinRAR Repair software is capable of repairing very large sized RAR archive i.e. it can repair RAR archives of size larger than 4 GB in size. It can repair RAR files of any version. It can even repair RAR archives with CRC errors. It uses complete automated repair process. It can even fix password protected and highly encrypted RAR archives.

It is non-destructive and safe tool as it can repair corrupted split RAR files without making any changes to the original source split RAR file. It provides easy to use user friendly interface to fix corrupted split RAR archives. WinRAR Repair application is free from virus and malwares. It provides 24/7 free technical support to customers, you can contact highly qualified and well trained professional team of WinRAR Repair software whenever you need any technical help in implementing this tool. It is available at very reasonable price in the market as it is cost effective product. It supports on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines.

Note: It is always better to use reliable & trusted tool to compress and extract files from RAR archive. In order to get rid of virus and malwares scan your system regularly with strong updated antivirus tool