Is It Possible to Repair ZIP Unexpected End of Archive?

A ZIP file is a kind of file which contains one or more files that has been compressed or archived to reduce the overall file size. It is mainly a data compression and archive format, and supported by almost all versions of Windows Operating Systems which has inbuilt support for Zip files.

ZIP supports a wide range of file formats and allows the users to delete, rename and sort the files inside ZIP without extracting in addition to displaying list of all files that are included in an archive. This application can be successfully used for encrypting and splitting the archives, and also for converting ZIPs to SFX format.

Even after benefits of ZIP files, are you getting “unexpected end of archive zip” error on your screen when you tried to extract files from zip folder? If YES, then don’t be panic here you can find a better solution for your problem and the solution is ZIP Archive Repair software. This software effectively repairs “unexpected end of archive ZIP Error”. Before repairing process it is important to know, why this unexpected end of archive ZIP error occurs? This error occurs because of logical crash inside the ZIP archive i.e. if any file is corrupted in the archive then it will display this error. This error can destroy the archive extracting algorithm which is used to decompress all files from the archive during extracting process. For more details about ZIP Archive Repair software go through this link:

ZIP files may get corrupt due to several reasons as follows

External Threats: Trojan and Worms are the most common external threats results in damage of Zip archive. They can affect these files when transferred through the network.

Header Part Corruption: Zip files contain a couple of parts and they are data part and header part. Header part holds the complete information of files like location, size and type of file. You will not be able to extract files from ZIP folder if the header part gets corrupt

Virus Attack: Sometimes you might have found shortcut icon on your system that is because of virus infection. Due to virus attack even your Zip files will get corrupt for which you need to repair it.

Incomplete Recovery: When you will try to recover your deleted zip files using some recovery software there might be an incomplete recovery which result in unexpected end of archive zip error.

There are few more reasons like unsupported file format, CRC errors, system crash, bad sectors, power surge, etc. which results in corruption of your Zip files. For all these problems there is only one solution that is ZIP Archive Repair software.

Features of ZIP Archive Repair software

ZIP Archive Repair software is specially designed to repair unexpected end of archive zip error. It will make use of advanced decompressing technology in order to extract all files safely from corrupted zip folder. Capable of repairing large zip files stored on any storage media such as pen drive, HDD, flash drive, etc. This tool helps in repairing zip archive from all versions of Windows Operating System. Repair 32-bit and 64-bit Zip and Zipx files. It provides an option using which you can preview files from corrupted Zip files before extraction.

How to Repair ZIP Archive Files?

Archive is nothing but compression of data files. Now a day the communication is done by calls, mails and messengers.  Mainly in business field files are zipped into folder and shared with others via e-mails. If the size of the files is larger, then one can archive those files which help to reduce the file size, remove the junk data from those files and then the files can be sends easily and at a faster rate.

To perform this compression process there are many tools available such as WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip and simply Zip and etc. Each one of these compression methods uses a unique algorithm to compress the data files. The file formats for compressed files are .zip, .rar, 7z, etc.

ZIP archive files offer a great advantage but at the same time you may face many problems while extracting files from archive ZIP folders such as unexpected and of archive zip, your zip files might have got corrupted or damaged resulting in inaccessibility of those files. So the best option to overcome from such problems is to use ZIP Archive Repair tool which helps you to repair all Zip files.

Let us see some of the scenarios that may lead to Repair ZIP Archive files

Header Corruption: ZIP files normally contain two parts that is Header part and Data part. If the header part of the ZIP file got corrupted then you cannot extract files from it because the header part contains full information about file such as location, type of file, size, etc.

Virus Attack: Virus is a program that enters into system without your knowledge and starts corrupting the files stored on your system, the files may also include ZIP files.

Changing File Extension: ZIP files will get corrupt and throws an error message while extracting files from Zip folders because of unsupported renamed file format.Watch Consumed (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Incomplete Recovery: When user tries to recover deleted ZIP files by making use of some recovery software and if this recovery process ends up with incomplete recovery then it can cause inaccessibility of ZIP files.

Error While File Transfer: Due to interruptions like power failure and forced system sudden shutdown during file transfer process, may corrupt ZIP files and displays an error message when you will try to access it.

Here are the Features of ZIP Archive Repair software

ZIP Archive Repair is an award winning utility to perform fast and easy repair Zip archive and Zipx archives. Repair the corrupted Zip files (32-bit, 64-bit) with CRC errors. Repairs large Zip files that are stored on any storage device like hard drive, pen drive, Flash drives, etc. It is capable of repairing Zip archive from all latest versions of Windows Operating System. It is read only software which makes sure that your Original Zip file is unchanged. You can preview the lost data that can be recovered after the repair process. Recovered Zip files can be saved to any location accessible to the host operating system. It is especially designed to fix “unexpected end of archive ZIP” Error. To know how to repair unexpected end of archive zip go to this link: