Fix Corrupted or Damaged MOV Files on Windows

“Few days back, on my Birthday party function, I had recorded those memorable moments with my camcorder. I saved all the recorded videos in my Windows laptop in MOV format, as it is compatible with all electronic gadgets. After some days, when I started playing that video and started reliving those moments, all of sudden my system goes hang. As a result after waiting for sometimes I restarted the system, after that I searched that file but I found that it was not accessible any more. It seems like the MOV file on Windows was corrupted. I want to know how to fix this problem?”

MOV file actually created for Mac system, but later on it was adopted by all the operating system including Windows and other platforms. MOV stands for Movie File. It can store multiple independent tracks of audio and video. It commonly uses the MPEG-4 codec for compression. But, whenever you encounter any similar case as mentioned above on your Windows machines, then you have to fully depend over any reliable software to fix up the entire damaged MOV file on Windows. So, in such cases you can rely over one of the proficient software which is Fix MOV software which will help you to fix MOV on Windows PC / Laptops.

Now, prior to knowing more about this powerful and reliable software you must get idea about scenarios that are responsible for corrupting MOV files on Windows:

  • Header Corruption: Header is always being the first block that contains basic information associated with the file like file size, modification date and time and so on. If somehow these information gets deleted or erased from header file then the MOV file become unrecognizable by the media players, that makes it unplayable.
  • Virus Threat: MOV file may get infected by various types of viruses which can attack via internet or any external storage source attached to the Windows based Computer system. These viruses can infect the MOV files and can cause severe damage to the MOV file structure. This can make MOV file inaccessible.
  • Download Error: While downloading MOV file user can experience several reasons which is responsible to corrupt the file such as network issues, power failure, improper system shutdown, and so on.
  • Improper Recovery: Every user depends upon third party tool to recover any type of data associated with hard drive. But, in case if user use any unreliable software for recovery then it may ends up with data corruption. So, after recovery of MOV files, it still remains unplayable.

All the above mentioned scenarios can be easily handled by Fix MOV software. Due to its advance algorithm this software acts as most reliable and powerful amongst all other tool. Fix MOV software is a professional software that permits user to fix corrupted MOV files on Windows OS like Windows8,  7, vista, XP, and other versions. It is highly recommended software by industry professionals and experts that help in fixing MOV file errors on Windows based system.

Some outstanding features of Fix MOV software are as follows:

  • Fix MOV software is equipped with very simple and interactive GUI that lets even those users who are not so much technically sound can use this tool in repairing broken MOV files.
  • This software is used to repair MP4 files on Windows that are unplayable on various media players including VLC, Win Amp, Quick Time, and so on.
  • With the help of Fix MOV software you can easily fix all the errors related to MOV files that are stored on storage devices like Memory cards, USB, iPods, etc. on Windows system.
  • This software also permits user to preview the repaired files and from where user can choose the specific file for recovery instead going to recover all the files whether useful or useless.
  • It separates audio and video streams and repairs them. Later after repairing, it adjoins them to make a healthy MOV file.
  • This software supports different types of audio and video codecs. They are RAW, mp4a (Audio codecs) and mjpeg, mp4a, etc (video codecs).