All about OfficeProtect 3.0

OfficeProtect 3.0 has been announced by the Excel Software in order to protect and license the documents of Microsoft Excel. With the help of OfficeProtect along either AppProtect or QuickLicense, you can protect the user editable Excel spreadsheet by converting it.

workbook-activationThe older version of OfficeProtect has supported 32 or 64 Bit Microsoft Excel 2007 and the latest version of this can be applicable for Mac Office 2011 or 2016 and there are additional layers associated for protections.

Excel Software has included step by step tutorials and a guide for troubleshooting along with the OfficeProtect, in order to sell and distribute their workbooks. The protected workbook will support online activation, offline activation, USB dongle based activation and a floating license server.

Two protection models are supported by the OfficeProtect, one is VBA Bound License and other is Encrypted XLSM. A password protected VBA code is used by the VBA Bound License in order to bind an Office document to the QuickLicense runtime file.

In order to distribute of Excel spreadsheet as an application, the Encrypted XLSM approach will allow it and the applications is activated for a specific computer and the editing changes are allowed to be saved as encrypted documents. The VBA Bound License supports Macros or Add-Ins for Excel, Excel spreadsheets and Word or PowerPoint.

Step-by-step instructions and Read-to-paste Visual Basic code is included by the OfficeProtect, which will bind a document with QuickLicense configured license.

To pirate Excel spreadsheets password removal tools are used and these sheets are disabled when workbook is distributed as an application file. Except the ability to Save or Email a spreadsheet which is unprotected, all other features of the Excel program are same. In order to open the encrypted spreadsheets you need to launch the application and save it while quitting.

Also it enables you to save, duplicate and rename the protected documents and can be used and shared by other computers which has valid license. The author of the spreadsheet can determine the number of computers that can use a document.

Product activation, software subscriptions, secure license portability, time or execution limited Trail, human language and software subscriptions of a specific computer can support QuickLicense.

There is an online activation server by which you can activate the protected workbooks with serial number. Also the Safe Activation service is also available and it support activation of computers with internet connection or without connection.

Tips for Increasing Computer/Laptop Speed

Your computers and laptops may get slower when they get older. But there are lots of things which you can do to keep your PC or laptop running fast as possible such as upgrading the RAM, reduce items that run on a startup, etc. Just go through some of the points through which you may increase the speed of your laptop/computer.how_to_speed_up_your_laptop_or_pc

Switching to SSD:

In SSD there is no moving part, so read and write speed is faster as compared to traditional hard drives. You can easily clone operating system to an SSD connected using a USB 3 adapter. SSD can be connected without replacing the internal hard disk via USB 3 adapter or Thunderbolt adapter.ssd-pile-2_0

Upgrading your RAM:

If you are running a system with 2 GB RAM then you can put extra few GB of RAM to run the system smoothly and faster.

C Cleaner:

To clean up the unnecessary files and extensions, you can use C Cleaner software. It can remove your temporary files, internet cookies, and unused registry files.ccleaner_2_0

Windows ReadyBoost:

ReadyBoost is the inbuilt software that comes with Windows Vista and later, to speed up the computer or laptop which allows you to use the external flash drive to give your computer a little extra memory space.

Switch your OS to Linux:

You may install a Linux or Ubuntu to check the older operating system. It is applicable for simple tasks such as music, word processing, surfing net, but not for gaming. It is free to install which may speed your computer and laptop.

Hard Disk De-fragmentation:

With repeated use of the information on the hard drive, data gets scattered. By performing Hard Disk De-fragmentation you will able to speed up your laptop or computer to some extent.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

There are some steps to follow through which you can easily do Hard Disk De-fragmentation:

  • You can go to Control Panel for finding Disk De-fragmentation and then go to ‘System and Security’ and click under administrative tools.
  • Using above options, you can easily analyze how fragmented is currently running. You will have to perform Hard Disk De-fragmentation for every drive in your computer or laptop so make to run the process on all your hard drives.

Using alternative programs:

Your older laptop or computer may have a problem with modern resource and graphics intensive software such as Photoshop, GIMP, etc which requires a fraction of the disk space and power while maintaining a good level of sophistication.