Practical Methods to Enhance Windows 8 HDD Performance

It becomes a frustrating moment for users to encounter the situation like slow performance of Windows 8 hard drive. Because of which, you cannot add, edit or delete any files quickly at required amount of time. Users never come across with such situations in early stages but after some days he / she realize that their PC is taking enough time to load programs and open files. Due to which, they get tensed and begins to think about probable scenarios behind slow performance of Windows 8 hard drive.

Many users do not know about the truth is fragmentation of Windows 8 hard disk. Normally, on every computer user does functions like adding, deleting or editing files on hard disk. These tasks lead to hard drive fragmentation. The Operating System searches location on hard disk and stores the information. You can get some space on hard disk if you carry out this process improperly. Later, as user wish to request for any file, OS searches numerous sections on several locations. Therefore, there is slow performance in disk space. Therefore, it is said that defrag is the only option to overcome such crisis.

The Windows 8 computer includes an in-built option like defrag hard drive automatically. With the aid of it, you can schedule it to run weekly for defragging hard disk. To do this, you need to go to search option on Windows 8 system and type “defrag”. Now, Click on “Run on a Schedule” option is checked then click on OK option. Now, your hard drive gets defragged automatically. This is the usual method opted by users. The main reason for slow performance of Windows 8 HDD is collection of waste files. These files can result in slow performance of HDD. To make HDD to perform faster you need to remove such files completely as early as possible. This operation takes much time if you do all files one by one instead of deleting them completely. Hence, there is an option called Disk Cleanup which can remove junk files. Simply you need to type “Disk Cleanup” in search box and select your drive from which you desire to remove junk files. You can click here: to know how increase hard drive performance safely on Windows 8 PC.

In addition to this, check Recycle bin folder to check whether it is full of junk files. You need to clean up all the junk files from Recycle bin. To execute this process, use Drive Error Checking program to scan particular drive to ensure all files  are in good condition or not. If no, then effortlessly use REMO MORE utility to improve Windows 8 hard drive performance. It is freely obtainable tool which comes with superior scanning algorithms to automatically detect and repair hard drive problems. Moreover, this software can compress video files on Windows 8, whereas video files could be MPG, M4V, MP4, RM, 3GP, etc. It supports video file compression on storage devices like external HDD, USB drives, memory sticks, FireWire drives, etc.