How to Recover Lost Data from System Hard Drive?

While I was moving few of my vital files from one folder to other using cut –paste options, suddenly my system gets shutdown. When I restarted my system and want back to folders which I was moving, there were no files in it. I don’t know why my data went missing from that folder. Is there any way through which I can recover lost data after cut paste?”

If you facing above-mentioned problem, then don’t get panic as you can opt Recover Lost Data software to recover data from system hard drive as well as from various storage device within few mouse clicks. This software scans your entire hard drive and restores lost data with ease.

How Data Recovery is possible?

When you delete any files from system hard drive, it doesn’t get permanently deleted. Actually, OS simply marks that hard drive space as being available by changing the file entries in the file allocation table.  However, the data are still present on system hard disk drive and recovering them is not a big deal. Due to this reason, file recovery is possible. However, if you don’t add any new files to the hard drive then chances of recovering deleted file is more. So if you find that files are lost from the system then don’t get panic you still have a chance to recover system hard drive data.

Scenarios responsible for the loss of data from system hard drive:

  • Corruption of hard drive
  • Sudden power failure
  • Improper removal of storage drives
  • Improper system termination
  • Hardware failure
  • Software malfunction
  • Bad sector on hard drive
  • Virus attack
  • Use of third party software
  • File system corruption
  • Formatting partitions during OS installation

After facing above listed data loss scenarios, most of the users search for a question like how to recover lost data from system hard drive? While some users think lost data can never be retrieved back. But it is only a misconception as recovery of deleted and lost files are possible unless and until the new data is not overwritten. In such situation, you can opt Recover Lost Data software which is capable of recovering lost data from system hard drive with ease.

Features of Recover Lost Data Software:

  • This software can recover lost data from system hard drive on all major versions of Windows and Mac OS.
  • Save Recovery session helps you to save recovery session during any point of scanning and later you can load that saved session to avoid further rescanning of the drive.
  • Demo version of the software is available online free of cost to evaluate the effectiveness of the software. If you are satisfied with the recovery results of Recover Lost Data software, then you can purchase the full version of the software to save the recovered data.
  • Using this software, you can also recover lost data from various storage devices such as USB drive, external hard drive, memory cards, etc.

Get Lost or Deleted File Recovery Tool Free

When you are looking for one best quality and trustworthy software to get beck your deleted or lost files at any cost, suddenly if you get such an option which retrieves all of your lost files absolutely free of cost then it is quite satisfactory. Every time when people get something beyond their expectation then it’s definitely appreciable. Once you have lost files let’s try to recover them immediately. Before you start file recovery procedure for lost or deleted files over the computer make something sure that your lost files are not present on your computer recycle bin folder. In that respect you can go further for your lost file recovery.

It’s a long time being lost file recovery for free concept was the most untrustworthy situation. But along with time the whole concept has changed intensely. There is the freeware choice of lost data recovery process on computer. This free of cost software is proved as the most useful utility as compare to all other third party utilities. Once you try it on your different storage devices like USB Flash, SD, MMC, SM,CF, MS, Micro SD, SSD, Hard disk in SATA, ATA etc. in search of lost photos, documents, file backup and large PSTs then you why the recovery software has no further comparison. This is the only software application which is far different as compare to any common lost file recovery tool.

Without paying proper attention users often delete their files, images or all other files which is the most responsible reason for file deletion problem. Along with them hard drive format, drive corruption problem or virus attack problems are genuinely responsible reason behind hard drive or all other storage device data loss issues. In all respect this free data recovery software is the much awaited application. Once you launch this software there is no need to activate the software or no need to purchase the application. Directly without investing so much of time for register you can directly opt for lost file recovery from all respective storage devices. For most important data, users prefer to keep separately their files in safest condition.

When any files get deleted, it remains saved on the same drive before the files will get overwrite. Till the time comes this free recovery software has the effort so that it can consistently restore data and the limit comes within 1 GB. For the recovery of more than 1 GB file limit, there is an option for every user that they can upgrade the version so that it’s become possible to receive data back in large amount. So now waiting for what? Start the session of lost file recovery from your storage space using the recovery software.

Freeware Application for Data Restoration

Files which are saved over different location of hdd at times get missing due to some unknown reasons to user. Once they aren’t able to access the desired files they get depressed and start searching for application which can return back their anticipated files in the same file format as it happened to be once. The files which get either be deleted or lost due to some reason then only files detail get wiped from file system, and a message is flagged to OS that previously allocated space is now free for saving any new file. So, this is the time period b/w saving of any new file and deletion or loss of file, that you can restore your files by usage of application like Data Recovery Tool, which recovers data for free.

The File missing scenario can develop because of different reasons; some of the redundant reasons are as follows:

 Accidental Deletion: This is one of the repeatedly occurring scenes of file loss over any kind of storage device. This generally happen when people instead of deleting any other junk file, end up erasing a few of the crucial data.

Accidental Format: This scenario reprise when user needs to format any of the drive on system and accidentally perform format command over the drive that consists of the data having important data in your respect.

Deletion from Bin: At times, people delete some of the files from Bin folder in order to make system processing fast. However, if such task is not performed with great sensibility then user may erase some of the files which he or she had left for restoring.

File system corruption: It can happen if any dangerous program gets into the system either from external storage device or from internet, thus making the entire file system corrupt. When file system gets corrupt then the files within that entire drive becomes inaccessible.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Error while data transfer: It can happen if the data transfer is disturbed due to some of the reason.

This freeware application restores data under each of the above detailed scenario in matter of few clicks on the software. Data which are retrieved by use of this software can be viewed for customer satisfaction before saving them at any of the location of HDD. The file size which can be recovered free from this software is of 1 GB. After it is finished you need to purchase the licensed version of the mentioned Data Recovery Tool. If you need to know about this file recovery software for free, then you can check-out the video clip that details “How to recover data using free data recovery software?”